…I’m a mess of mistakes, But please count to ten, Before you go and throw it all away…


“Brick By Brick”

The weight of my words
Are like feathers from a bird
My mouth, it moves
But you won’t hear a thing

‘Cause I’ve dug myself deep
I managed to fit both my hands and feet
All my little white lies
Smell like a big old bucket of bleach

In one ear and out your other
So lock and key
You won’t open up for me

So brick by brick
I am breaking through these walls
Oh, between you and me
I’m not giving up, I’m not giving up

I guess
And it feels like you’re in China
And I am in Peru
Whenever I am sleeping next to you

We can hear the crickets singing
Oh, all throughout the night
Oh, boy can’t you just get used
To something so right?

And sure I confess
I’m a mess, I’m a mess of mistakes
But please count to…

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